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What is a Silk Saree : Silk Saree is commonly used for Indian Sarees made of Silk which is made of fibroin and is extracted from insect larvae. It is also termed as Art Silk Saree

Kinds of Silk Saris: Best known Silk Sarees are Kanchipuram silk sarees where the silk is extracted in Kanchipuram. Other Indian Silk saree which is quite popular after Kanchipuram Sarees is Mysore Silk Sarees. Art Silk sarees are used as wedding sarees especially when we look back in time when pure silk sarees were worn as bridal saree and had intricate work that was bold and brought out the best of Indian Brides. Designer Sarees adapt the work of ethic Indian sarees and add a modern touch to it.
Indian goverment and various businesses also promote Handloom Sarees as handloom sarees reflect Indian tradition and handloom saree help empower the hand made industry. Handloom saris being promoted directly are also priced very low and give enough profits to the industry. Indian Designer saris have glimpse of handloom sarees.

Where to Buy Saree Online: Online purchases have grown up in recent times and have given an edge to industry and people to sell there products globally with less efforts. Saree online could be purchased from Akalors which provides stichted Sarees along with free stitching and shipping.

Handloom Sarees are very easy to procure and purchase in terms of sizes, Plus size sarees, petite size sarees are very easy to make as most of the adjustment needed is in blouse. Akalors specializes in making custom order for Plus size Indian Sarees along with Petite size sarees